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Thank you so much for providing a warm home for our family to enjoy each other before and after our big wedding at Moore Ranch. May God bless you & your family & your guests.

Our stay here was amazing and so was the food. I enjoyed it so much that next time I come to Navasota, I would like to stay here. I hope all goes good here and thank you very much for everything.

We enjoyed every second of our stay here and definitely look forward to coming back. You have done a phenomenal job with this place. I love how you’ve tied in your passion for helping dogs throughout the place.

What a treasure! Thank you for opening this lovely home for us all!

We loved it! Your attention to detail and our sense of autonomy were an excellent match. LOVE how you’ve loved the beautiful house back to life. See you again!

Best place I’ve staying in a long time. You have a beautiful house. Hope to see you next year.

This is the most awesome place we have stayed in a long time. Thank you!

You have done a wonderful job on this old house. I played upstairs while my mother played bridge with Mrs. Dean & friends – 70+ years ago.

We loved stating at your beautiful house. Your attention to detail made out anniversary weekend just perfect. Thank you! We can’t wait to return with friends and family.

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary and my birthday at this wonderful establishment. We brought our “babies” – a loving and well-mannered Pit Bull and a Yorkie mix. The Inn was exquisite – a lot of historic charm and it was IMMACULATE. Very clean and comfortable. The sheets and towels were top of the line and the mattress was divine. We slept like logs. We did not indulge in, but did notice all of the good books in the library, the new magazines, the decks of cards placed just where you would look to have a game… The back yard was enormous and we and our dogs LOVED IT. Let me say, if you brought family members or several other couples with you, this place is PERFECT. Large dining room, well-equipped kitchen for cooking, and lots and lots of room just to relax and enjoy. There are some shops within walking distance, and a diner-type restaurant or two, but overall, you will probably want to indulge in entertainment that surrounds the area and you need to travel a 15 or 20 minutes to get to (the Cozy Grape in Montgomery allows dogs on the patio!), Lots to do with good eats and shopping – again, within driving distance. Best place ever. We felt like we were home the minute we checked into Red Velvet Inn. The owner, Denise, is wonderful. A must stay!

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